Igniting Your Passion to Reach Success and Achieve Your Goals Through

Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal training consists of the individualized fitness programming catered to your goals which is implemented through private or semi-private sessions. This program focuses on areas of health, fitness, strength, endurance, speed, coordination, weight loss, nutrition, and lean muscle.

Our coaches are experienced in working with individuals who are just beginning an exercise regimen to high level athletes looking for more advanced training. All of our coaches are certified trainers.

Hard Worx



Whether it be to lose weight, get stronger, or learn more about fitness - we want to help you accomplish your goals.

Let us know what they are and we can work to achieve them together.


To show you specific and measurable results, we take measurements on your first assessment to provide a starting point and see results.

Fitness Level

We do a series of strength and flexibility tests to see where you are fitness wise and adjust our exercises and programs to meet you where you are.


7 day trials for referrals

The hardest part of joining a new place is feeling like you don't belong. We don't want that feeling to ever happen. Our 3 Day Free Trial gives you the opportunity to meet and train with our motivating and inspiring community of individuals, get full access to all of our programs to see which one you enjoy the most, and receive world-class coaching from our team of certified CrossFit Trainers, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Personal Trainers, and Team USA Grappling Athlete.